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How to find a fitting make-up artist for shooting of the musicvideo? Who has experience in the final mixing of tracks? Can you recommend a good choreographer? We are searching for a guitarist for the upcoming tour. Our concerts still needs a experienced photographer.


Since 2009 the team of DigiMediaL UdK Berlin Career College works closely together with artists and offers support regarding the career-development through further training courses and presented meetings of exchange. One of the current missions is to create an online-platform which connects professional musicians as well as freelancers and creative heads.

A network comes into being which not only could inspire you but also offers the possibility to discover necessary persons to put your vision into practice.

The development of the platform is financed by public funds so SKILLFRIED can also be used for free in the future. In Berlin there is a vast amount of international musicians and creative people. The goal is to make professional music-projects visible and in addition to that offer a platform to active ones where they can show their portfolio which represents range and quality of the projects.

Also musician Illay faced these kind of challendes in the preparation of shooting the musicvideo of her new single. Illay is well connected in Berlin but to realise her crazy ideas she always needs a special team. Now the musicvideo is ready and was presented on her webside, at Youtube and Facebook and has attracted attention. But there is still room for more, especially in the long run…

This screen shoot shows the project profile and the view of freelancers.

The videoproject ‘Your time has passed’ of Illay and the many project-members is to be found on SKILLFRIED. The project is described with a short text and coverphotos. Links are directing towards the social media channels which are connected to this project.

The overview shows who participated on the musical production but also who did direction, make-up, camera, costumes and choreographie. The common result shows their expertise.

If you click on the individual names you’ll get information on the personal profile, also about additional expertise of this person as well as about participations in other music-related projects.

–> Link to our new networking platform: www.skillfried.de 

 SKILLFRIED-Release on the 12th of November 2018

On the 12th of November 2018 at 7:30 pm the platform SKILLFRIED finally will be published with a ceremonial act. Therefor we invite everybody involved and all supporters of the platform-development to say thanks and drink to this completion. It will take place in the UdK Berlin in Bundesallee 1-12.

The perfect opportunity to get to know the interesting people who make music projects in person.

The release will be more than that. We want to create a meetup so that invited music-project-makers of Berlin get to know many new people and projects through the method of speeddating. Next to musicians of all genres of course also freelancer and companies involved into music projects are welcomed. There will be representatives of Universal Music and the Berlin Music Commission.

Inside the meetup also the concept of SKILLFRIED will be presented. We can give hints on effective strategies of presentation and explain new functions. In addition it will be shown how to use the search-option best to efficiently find people.

More info soon on our facebook page.