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DigiMediaL_musik OnStage – PROFESSIONAL LIVE ON STAGE is a weekly ECTS certified seminar for musicians, music producers and event managers. The participants organize an extravagant live event starring themselves. Experts from Berlins vast music and event sector offer their insider knowledge as advice. The participants carry the responsibility for the final event and take all important decisions by themselves.

               #HandsOn: Professional skills for the development of an individual musical career

The 4-month course is an advanced training measure at UdK Berlin Career College in cooperation with Musicboard Berlin and ClubCommission. It is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE).


OnStage #3

The next course starts in September 2017 and is directed at musicians, music producers and event managers of the genres Oriental, Dub and Singer-Songwriter.
Application Deadline: August 1st 2017 (Application form at end of page)


The self organized live event serves as a practical project to convey a number of professional concepts and to put them on trial under real life conditions. The focus are topics such as self-management, cultural marketing, live entertainment and social media – all very essential to act successfully in Berlins cultural sector.

Among the questions raised during OnStage are the following:

  • How can I best make use of live events to further my artistic career?
  • How can I effectively involve video to communicate with potential audiences?
  • How can I reach my audience more effectively on- and offline?
  • How can I further develop my web appearance?
  • How do I communicate professionally with club-owners and event-organizers?
  • How can I increasingly involve and activate my fanbase?
  • Which legal framework is essential to know in order to run a public event?

#Exceptional closing event

The group of participants receive a starting budget of 2000€ to organize the closing concert. Club Gretchen has pledged its availability as venue for the final event.

The lecturers involved want to support the participants in exploring new and experimental ways.

#Application & Jury

Participation is free of charge, as OnStage is an innovative development project, funded by EFRE. Prerequisite for the participation are proof of previous public performance (solo or as part of a band) as well as the ability to speak english. If you would like to participate, please make use of the contact box below!

We want to specifically encourage Refugee musicians to participate!

The twenty participants of each edition of OnStage are chosen by an expert Jury consisting of Katja Lucker (Musicboard Berlin), Fillipp Vingerhoets (Klunkerkranich / Bohemian Drips), Asja Tomasi (Live is More / iMusician Digital), Marcus Staiger (Journalist and founder of the label RoyalBunker) and Felix Gebauer (DigiMediaL at the UdK Berlin Career College).

OnStage #2:

Course start: 21.03.2017
Session days: wednesdays, few additional sessions on thursdays
ø 1 afternoon session per week – detailed information about the course plan and dates will follow shortly

Further information on the schedule for OnStage #3 will follow shortly.

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